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VPS Servers in India

Everyone should know..

Well, this article may be something you need to read if you have a small business and you are thinking of going online, which is the only way one can survive in this marketing business where competitors are increasing day by day. Competitors are devising new plans everyday so that they can go ahead in this race and there is no place in this market that comes second. The marketing and consumerism has seen a sea change after the advent of the internet and you need to cope up with that if you want to build a successful business.

Choosing web host..

There are many cheap web hosting services or VPS available, but you must choose one that is affordable and gives you the optimum services that are needed for you to run your website and get going with your customers. Cheap services can be hazardous because they may have fewer facilities in their data centers and you must make sure that they have no such problems before deciding in favor of a particular company.

Why dedicated server is important?

You can do certain things with the service provider you are using at the moment, but you cannot possibly use this after your customer base increases. This is because, the virtual private server you are using is not at all private, so the first thing you need to keep in mind is that the bandwidth that the company is promising is not the actual number that you are getting. Further, if there is one hefty customer with a large customer base within the network, the server will become slow for you and there will be no real profit to be gained from these kinds of servers. So you would require a separate server for your own needs and this will make sure that you have great speed in your server, thus enabling your customers to buy stuff from your online store easily.

linux-vps-india-1-1200x600 Home

Options for servers

Make sure that the server that you are choosing has great memory space, because this would help you in a lot of ways:

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How to choose a server?

There is a lot to choose from if you go by the offers and promises everyone makes but according to experiences it can be said that provides you with facilities that cannot be easily matched easily. Let us now have a look at the possibilities that can boost up your business like never before:

  • First of all, the most important thing is the bandwidth, and this is where scores high. It has ties with the best telecom companies in India, and thus you would get the best speed every time and your server will not run slow or hang, which would mean you would never lose your customer support. You reputation will be in safe hands.
  • Secondly, it is the data centers that need to be seen. flaunts a tier-four data center where your server is safe. Now, do not go by our words, but see the facilities for yourself: they have a large room that houses your server and they have it duly air conditioned so that your server does not get heated up. If your server gets heated up, it can cause it to become slow and thus your entire system might collapse causing you a lot of loss in terms of money. They also have the dehumidifiers that lessen the moisture content of the room which otherwise might cause the same effect as the heat. Moreover, these data centers have good inverters that keep your server running even if the electricity goes down. This is a great assurance because electricity is the basic amenity one can ask for and without it the whole system is useless. Further, they have a good customer support system that enables them to get in touch with you and vice versa in case of any problem.
  • With just a single click, you can easily scale your server.
  • Further, these servers can have multiple locations, so what happens is, you are not stuck with one server and thus there is no chance by which your work can remain stuck. There are high speed web hosts that act as dedicated (dediziert) servers and thus make your work easy.

Reasonable prices

Let us now check at the prices that you will be charged according to the services that you subscribe for. All these charges are billed monthly:

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•This would cost you 5$

•1GB of memory

•1 core processor

•30 GB disk space

•1 TB of data transfer

•Control panel is provided

•24/7 support

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•Get greater memory of 2GB

•Disk space is of 50GB

•Service will cost you 10$

linux-vps-india-1-1200x600 Home

•4 GB of memory

•2 core processor

•100 GB disk space

•2 TB transfer

•Service will cost you 15$

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•6GB of memory

•120 GB disk space

•Same as in level three

•This would cost you 20$

•Worth a heavy duty web hosting

•Ever increasing customer base

Adaptations you need to make

There are certain adaptations you will need to make to your computer system in order to be able to cope up with the powerful dedicated hosting services. The CPU that you have been using has to be changed to a customized one since it will have to take up a lot of pressure from now on. The Cheapest Linux VPS or windows VPS operating system that has to be installed has to be customized for you because this is a private server and this would be there completely at your service.

Managed and unmanaged hosting

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You may wish to go for a managed web host because otherwise you will need to go for an unmanaged service where you will be the sole admin of the server you are using and thus you have to take all the responsibility.